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Immigration Law Price List

At Goshen Solicitors Limited, we are proud to offer proactive, efficient, and cost-effective delivery of legal services to our clients driven by professionalism, integrity, and service excellence.

Kemi Obayelu is a director at Goshen Solicitors Limited and has been practising in the UK for over 14 years. She holds a Master of law degree (LLM) in International Human Rights from Birmingham City University. She has multi and cross-functional practice experience covering immigration and asylum and family law. She has appeared at all levels of the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal and handled Judicial review proceedings in the Administrative Court and Upper Tribunal of the Immigration and Asylum Chamber.

She is accredited by the Law Society Immigration and Asylum Accreditation Scheme as a Supervising Senior Caseworker.

She was also called to the Nigerian Bar as a qualified solicitor and barrister, with robust practice experience in criminal proceedings.

She was appointed a visiting lecturer in law at Birmingham City University in 2018 and Birmingham Newman University in 2021.

Victor Obayelu (FCILEX)  is a lawyer and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives. He is accredited by the Law Society Immigration and Asylum Accreditation Scheme as a Supervising Senior Caseworker and has over eleven years of experience in dealing with varied immigration and asylum applications, business immigration, appeals, and judicial review proceedings.

He also has extensive experience in Business Immigration including:

  • Advising and assisting on an immigration audit prior to a notified visit by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI), including assisting the HR team in reviewing personnel files for compliance and being on call over the weekend for emergency queries.


  • Providing advice and assistance on sponsor license applications under UKVI Skilled Workers Visas for clients in the retail, finance, sports, and creative sector, and Skilled Workers Visas for senior staff and directors.

  • Providing advice for employers on becoming a UKVI registered sponsor and acting as Level 1 users on clients’ sponsorship management systems in order to assist fully with issuing certificates of sponsorship.

  • Providing advice and assistance on compliance with the resident labour market test.

  • Providing advice and assistance in respect of business visit visas and intra-company transfers.

  • Advice/Drafting immigration policies for staff handbooks and procedures for recruitment.

  • Assist and offer bespoke immigration training to businesses or human resource departments

  • representing clients or businesses in all stages of Home Office enforcement actions or processes.


Victor also holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Birmingham City University.


For cases that are not covered under Legal Aid funding, we offer an initial consultation and assessment for a fixed fee of £150, plus VAT and the costs of an interpreter (if required). At this meeting we will:

  • Identify and understand your legal problem(s)

  • Identify possible solutions and options that may be available to you

  • Give you an estimate of the cost and timescale to carry out the work.

In some cases, people proceed to make the immigration application themselves on the basis of advice in the diagnostic interview and incur no further legal costs. Others instruct us to do further work. In that case, we will agree to fixed fees with them from the outset plus VAT depending on the circumstance of the client. Please note that these fixed price does not include any disbursement to the Home Office, Courts, and Counsels.



Please be advised that this office operates on a fixed fee basis. That means that when we take instructions from you to understand what needs to be done, we will offer you a fixed fee package based upon the number of hours of work we envisage in your matter.

To calculate that fixed fee, the rates to be applied are as follows:

  • Director/Solicitor – Kemi Obayelu – Charged at £275 per hour plus VAT (20%) (we will advise you if VAT is applicable).

  • All other Immigration Fee Earners, Lawyers, and Consultants – Charged at £200 per hour plus VAT (20%) (We will advise you if VAT is applicable).

Services Included

Generally, services included in the above fees are as follows:

  • Attendance with you to take instructions, to discuss your case and circumstances in detail including the requirements.

  • Considering the documentation that you provide, analysing the documents, and advising you whether any further documents are required.

  • Taking your instructions to draft any supporting witness statements.

  • If you do not fulfill certain criteria, to advise you whether this can be overcome and how.

  • Drafting your applications either online form or otherwise and making any necessary changes as advised by you.

  • Drafting legal representations to be submitted in support of your application.

  • Submitting your application online and assisting you in perhaps making an appointment to attend a Home Office centre to enroll your biometrics and fingerprints.

  • Advising you on the likely outcome and then advising you on the outcome once a decision is received.

  • In addition to some of the above, for appeals, drafting notice and filing notice of appeal, reviewing of the respondent or Home Office bundle and review decisions, preparation of the appellant bundle, contact and correspondences with the court and the home office

  • If applicable, Instructing experts or counsel on your behalf, further contacts or conferences, and correspondences with experts and counsel.

  • In addition to some of the above, for judicial review proceedings, preparation of letters before claim and preparation and filing of application and claim bundle

  • If applicable, Instructing experts or counsel on your behalf, further contacts or conferences, and correspondences with experts and counsel.


Please note the amount of work as above to be conducted will depend on the number of hours you decide you wish to instruct us for.



Please note that our quoted fixed price does not include any disbursement, which is a payment to a third party such as the Home Office, Courts, UKCAS, or interpreters if required. Therefore, you will be responsible for paying the costs payable to third parties which are incurred by us on your behalf such as:

  • Home Office application fees range from £1000 to £3000 per person depending upon the type of application.

  • UKVCAS charges range from £100 to £500 depending upon the type of appointment being booked and the type of application.

  • Immigration Health Surcharge ranges from £624 to £3120 depending upon the type of leave to remain and the length of leave being sought.

  • Court fees for appeals range from £80 to £140 depending on whether the appeal is concluded on paper or at an oral hearing

  • Court fees for judicial review proceedings range from £154 to initiate the proceedings on papers to £770 to proceed to the hearing where permission is granted.

  • Counsel’s fee for advocacy ranges from £500 to £3500 depending on the complexities of your case and experience and year of qualification of the counsel, the court, and the nature of proceedings.

  • Expert report fees can range from £75 to £3000 depending upon the type of report required and the type of expert. Reports can be required for example from:

  1. Psychiatrist/Doctor/Counsellor

  2. Independent Social worker reports

  3. Country Expert reports

  4. Document Authentication reports

  5. Hospital/GP reports

  • Interpreter fees range from £28 to 35 per hour. Travel and waiting times may also be added to their hourly rate depending on the distance covered by the interpreter to provide the services to the client

  • Translations fees are often based upon the number of words that require translation which can range from £0.35 per word to up to £0.75 per word.

All the above charges are subject to VAT at 20% where applicable.

If any of the above disbursements are applicable to your matter, at the start of your matter and at your initial appointment with us you would be fully informed of any disbursements that are likely to be incurred and what they may cost.

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